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Design goal : "write a program to list the best films currently showing in Bristol". has grown organically from the initial design goal and now finds the "best" films by 7 Categories :
For each category 3 Views of the films are available :
Each of the 27 Views can be sorted in 8 ways :

How this website rates Films

For each film we try to find ratings from 3 sources : and then average these to create a percentage rating.

Example film entry (in List View) :

89% (3)  1947  It's a Wonderful Life   [Frank Capra]  Drama, Family, Fantasy

Format :

Rating (Number of ratings) Year Title [Director] GenreList

A rating from 3 sources is considered more reliable than the same rating from 2 or 1 sources, hence the default film sort order is "NumReviews, Rating Down". This helps to reliably find the "best" films, but excellent films with 2 or 1 ratings may be overlooked. To avoid this set the sort order to "Rating down" - which ignores the number of ratings.

By the way, notice that hovering over the film title pops up film details.

How To Find The "Best" Recent Films

Use sort order "Year, Rating down".

Miscellaneous Website Features

Details View - To See Extra Plot Details : at the top of the page click the "Rotten Tomatoes" checkbox.

Oscars : similar format to the 7 core categories. Covers the best picture winners and nominees for each year.

Freeview (UK) : List and Detail views for the best films on Freeview for the week ahead. WARNING: when used with a personal video recorder you may end up with no time for anything except TV!

Best Actors and Best Directors Tables : The website works out the best actors and best directors for each decade (since 1915) and of all time. For an excellent insight into the best actors and directors over time try the flexible "Decade Summary" table (and click on any Actor / Director to view their web pages within the site). Question : who is the only actor to have "won" Actor of the Decade 2x?